History Puzzles

I’m a genealogist with an M.A. in History who works as a museum educator in a Boston suburb. I’m presently chasing the history of more than a few families besides my own, and now and then I run up against things I just can’t sort out. Sometimes these puzzles are work-related; other times, they’re personal. But when they’re this vexing, it’s nice to have a place to a) write out and organize what I do know and what I don’t yet/still need to know, b) seek help when I hit a dead end, and c) scream and curse and vent when there’s no way past a dead end.

Beyond that, it’s nice to be able to catalog what I found in some of the rabbit holes I go down, sticking a pin in them, with key questions suitably jotted down for posterity, until I can come back and solve the puzzle.

And at the most meta level, I have my fingers crossed that somehow, maybe, by putting these stories out there, I help forge connections to history I didn’t even expect. 🙂


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