Hello, 2017

[Insert obligatory line here about not updating my blog regularly enough.]

[Insert obligatory New Year’s Resolution line here.]

[Smother both stock lines with a pillow.]

… Aaaaand we’re back!

Yes, I do still need to update my bibliographic info for posts from last year, but here’s a quick few things:

  1. V. and I were right!! She emailed me to tell me her AncestryDNA matched her to descendants of the family of Maria Fenno, Cornelius v.1732’s wife — ergo, Cornelius v.1787 IS real! And the language about “my only child” in the will was that pointed because it *was* disinheriting someone! I owe V. a follow-up email I’m going to write next.
  2. I need to wrap up some thoughts on Judith Waldo Durant, as I’ve been reading Laurel Thacher Ullrich’s Good Wives.
  3. On that note, Essex County — particularly Ipswich — was *the* place to be in the mid-1600s, it seems!
  4. I discovered the other day that Sarah Frances Jones, who married into the Kenrick family (one of the three families, along with the Durants, showcased at the historic house museum where I work), was also descended from the Tufts family (like the university), the Mather family (Cotton, Increase, etc.), and the Bradstreet family (Anne Dudley Bradstreet, early American poet).
  5. My museum’s going to start putting up rotating mini-exhibits this year, so I’ll have some awesome small research projects there.
  6. On a personal note, we’ll get into the story of Stephen Joseph McNally for a bit.

So hopefully I’ll be more on top of things this year, posting… fascinating stuff in the pipeline! 🙂

Happy New Year, all!


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