To-Do List Update

Forgive me, friends — this isn’t a proper update. It’s as much a to-do list as anything else, but consider it a preview of coming attractions if you like.

First thing I need to do is catch up on bibliographizing. Likewhoa.

But beyond that, in no particular order…

  1. Keep chasing Carrie Wood and Delia Wood
  2. Ned the Privateer and what I can find of his transgressions and his fate
  3. Anything more I can find on Rose, enslaved by the Kenricks
  4. Who were Agnes and Austin Holden, really?
  5. Stephen Joseph McNally — pre-1914 and then 1921-1939
  6. The life of Ada Mae Scott (I don’t think I’ve introduced her to y’all yet)
  7. Immigrant stories of Newton, MA
  8. Who was David Sparhawk, and where were he and his wife buried?
  9. Can I pick up where I left off on the Kenrick Serving Women?
  10. Mary Mehitable Kenrick Taylor, Caroline Kenrick, and Sarah Frances Jones Kenrick

That’s actually a hefty bit of work, much of it rife with dead ends. But we’ll see how things go…


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